Messages & Notifiers

Spectrum Notifiers

Spectrum Messaging platform is featured with strong capability to interact with stakeholder and help you to put presence in market.

Spectrum Messaging platform comes with set of configuration which can be done by end user.

Spectrum Message schedule enable end user execute to notify on define frequencies, on demand, act on actions.

We @Spectrum Message continue to generating more capability for next generation Digital platform for easy of use.


PPersonal Assistant Messaging System (PAMS) is an intelligent chatbot, which helps your business communicate directly with your customers, to let them know about your product or service better, or any other related support. .


Customize email solution for your business to promote your brand and products.


An Interactive SMS solution for your business to communicate with your existing customers and support them instantly.

Social posting

Personal social assistant to help your business get exposure on social media platform.

Chat Room

An interactive online chat box to communicate with your client in real time.

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